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Hello dear Trading212 team,

I am actually a happy user of your services and think the app is really well done, but unfortunately I have to close or change my portfolio due to the following things.

  1. Taxation of profits from the purchase / sale of shares
  2. Taxation of dividends as a German citizen 3) No share transfers
  3. No annual tax statement. I talked to my tax advisor for a really long time and the current effort (calculate each individual dividend yourself), contacting the tax office, paying additional taxes makes the deposit unusable for me.

Why can’t I transfer my shares to another broker? Every broker in Germany does this, including cheap brokers like Trade Republic. That must be possible? I don’t want to realize my profits and then pay taxes … what can I do? I would also offer myself as a first attempt to transfer individual values ​​…

I know that share transfers are currently not possible, but surely there has to be a solution?

Many thanks!!



this is what dividend taxation looks like at a broker in Germany. The taxation is done and I don’t have to contact the tax office. I also see a lot more details.


You can transfer your shares to another broker, you need to initiate the request from the other broker’s side and follow their instructions.

There have already been several discussions about it in the forum and the current status is: not possible

Here is an example from IB

Okay. So what do i have to do?
I have a document from my German Broker to transfer shares to them.

Thank you very much!

If your German broker does not request the transfer directly from T212, email T212 with your request and see what they say.

I asked and it’s not possible.

Sorry if I mislead you

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Is there an update on transferring positions from / to another broker???

Unfortunately, not yet possible.