Portfolio transfers

I am asking in regards to April, when we can pay into multiple, so just trying to know the options when it happens.

If you do a a isa transfer and you have partial shares.


10.2645893 shares of apple.

How would a isa transfer deal with the partial share. Would it stay on t212? Would it be sold and transferred as cash.

As you can only buy or sell shares to 2 decimal points, it makes it very difficult to make shares whole.

@Hbomb, with the initial launch of the feature, ISA transfers will include all stocks and any remaining cash. When the new tax year starts (06/04/2024), you could contribute to more than one S&S ISA.

@Ahhh, only whole shares can be transferred. If you wish to transfer positions with fractional shares, they will need to be sold to the nearest whole number.

Exciting news – the Portfolio Transfers feature is in its final stages of development. If you’re eager to be among the first to initiate a portfolio transfer before the official release, feel free to drop me a direct message.


@KrisG believe can’t DM as a new user, i’m interested to initiate a transfer if you can reach out :shushing_face:

Hey!! I am also unable somehow to write you a private DM. I would also be interested in trying the new feature😇

Hi @KrisG I’d also like to be considered for testing the ISA transfer, if possible. Thanks

I have started transfer on 2nd Feb. I wish I read this post before submitting my transfer form. I would like to do the stock transfer. Could this be updated to have stock transfer instead

Welcome to the Community, @avr :wave:

I’ll check if this would be possible, and I’ll send you a DM shortly :pray:

I’d like to try! I’ve been waiting for years.

Hi @KrisG

I would like to try out a share transfer too. Please let me know if it’s still possible to be added.

Hi @trader3 & @NGarg, We will officially launch the feature very soon, so we no longer require additional clients for testing. I’ll update the topic the moment portfolio transfers become available to everyone!

Thanks @KrisG Looking forward to the feature.

Will we be able to transfer portfolios from US brokerage accounts with this feature? I have company RSUs that I would like to transfer but I don’t see Shareworks in the list of supported brokers. TIA.

Let us check :eyes: Please Submit a request – Trading 212 and choose the ISA → ISA transfers category (regardless of whether it’s an ISA or GIA transfer). We’ll get back to you with more info.

Has anyone tried out the portfolio transfer feature yet what’s your impression of the process

I don’t see the option available to me yet, either in the app or on the website.
Once it is there, I’ll be transferring from Fineco (which is closing down in the UK) to Trading212. Can’t wait to get it done!

@KrisG Where to see the option to transfer stocks, please?

@handsy3791, @Abdullah, we’re gradually rolling out the feature :hourglass_flowing_sand: The option will appear with one of the upcoming updates.


It was promised today? When will it be available?

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Read, incredible that I have to say this, one post up.