Transfer in from ITI capital

Hi there,

Would Trading 212 be able to accept a transfer in of a small number of shares from ITI capital (who took over the trading of SVS capital when it crashed)?

If not is my only other way to sell the shares and rebuy within T212?




Currently, we cannot transfer shares, I’m afraid. You’d rather have to rebuy them once having an account with us.

If you’re referring to an ISA transfer - you might be interested in the following.

@Tony.V will there be a point in the future when we would be able to transfer Shares not Cash? Is this on T212 Roadmap or should we just accept that this is not possible and most likely will never be possible?

I am asking as due to Brexit in am expecting 2021 to bring in new laws and regulations and maybe this would allow you to offer this as a feature in the near future :man_shrugging:

Yes, it’s definitely something that we’ll offer. :v: I cannot currently provide an ETA, yet.


Hey, i am new to investing(Italy) and i want to buy some ETF on t212 but later move on to a differ broker.

Can i transfer my portfolio or do i have ti sell everything?

How do you file for your taxes, is it tedious?

Any others things i should know about?

Any update on when portfolio transfers might be available? IBKR is threatening to close my account due to Brexit.