Possible bug. Watch list drawer is laggy in desktop mode

Anytime I click this button which hides or shows the watch list drawer, the animation lags at about 5 frames per second. It’s probably not my laptop as the buttons on the other side work fine (instrument details hide / show button etc.) Also my laptop is fairly high spec. It could be a browser bug. I’m using Opera.

Actually the notifications drawer on the right is laggy too.

I was going to say a browser problem, have you tried a different one?

I’ve had things like this on some browsers, then I read try such and such browser, when I change it works.

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Ok… just tried it on Chrome. Smooth as butter!

So is it an Opera problem or does a T212 dev need to tweak something?

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Didn’t Opera do an update about a week or two ago, sometimes updates can muck things up when before everything was OK?

The old saying, Trying to fix something that isn’t broke.