iPad Bug - Open Positions

During my first month with T212, I have exclusively used the iPad app. In all that time, the most frustrating usability bug has existed in ‘Open Positions’.

When attempting to select a stock in order to perform a buy, it can take twenty to thirty attempts at clicking the line, before it opens the purchase box. I have to say that this appears to be getting worse and delays the purchasing process.

In addition, scrolling is extremely laggy and frequently jumps around on the list of open positions.

Our iPad version has been left behind for a long time. We fix the bugs when they get reported but we are working on a better solution.

In the meantime, you could try running the web version on your iPad - it should work fine since we’ve optimised it for touch.

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@AlexK I have been using the web version in the Chrome browser on a Surface Pro 7. I notice one bug. I am unable select any watchlist except the first. I touch any other with my finger or pen and there is no response.

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Hi @AlexK,
I am also using iPad often, I like a lot the new UI of the web app just launched, it would be great to see something similar on iPad app. I am sure it’s coming soon.
Great job on developing and improving your services. Thank you!

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