Post-SPAC Merger Information Requires Updating

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Forgive me, I’ve forgotten what source T212 pulls its company information (Details, Financials, etc.) from, however it looks as though a lot of companies that have reverse merged with SPACs are still populating the pre-merger information, ie. the acquisition company details, rather than the acquired company information.

Not sure if this is just an update to the API between yourselves and your source, or a delay in updating the information at your source’s end, but it would be great to see this reflect the acquired company post-merger.

Can you advise if this is possible please?

A few examples include;

  • ETWO (E2open Parent Holdings), previously PCPL (CC Neuberger Principal Holdings I)
  • RIDE (Lordstown Motors), previously DPHC (DiamondPeak Holdings Corp.)
  • CURI (CuriosityStream), previously SAQN (Software Acquisition Group Inc)

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The information is derived from Thompson Reuters. I will check the cited instruments.

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Thanks @Rumen :+1:t2:

This is also the case for UTZ formerly CCH.