Help tracking SPAC mergers and dates?

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I am really enjoying watching and investing in SPACS and seeing which will soar and which will tank upon merger. I am just finding it really hard to keep up To date with all the New companies, their potential merger companies and the merger dates, does anyone know if there is such a thing as a SPAC calendar on any website with These merger date updates And news? I started doing a list myself but didn’t get very far before I got fed up and didn’t have the time to keep checking every stock for updates.
Any advice would be brilliant please.

Thanks in advance

@Davielovesgravy Maybe would be helpful.


Absolutely spot on, exactly what I was looking for and will help me a lot, thanks a million!

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In my personal experience, The best most accurate way to track SPAC is from official SEC website by searching using ticker symbol

This is just one example if you want to track PSTH

Alternatively otherwebsites such as

Some of them are hiding behind the paywall but you could still peep it in the news.

Just be aware the trend in SPAC investing is now becoming unpreditable after the recent poor performance of a reasonably good SPAC such as SHLL( HYLL). FMCI (tattoed Chef), CCXX (multiplan) the day after the merger.

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Thanks So much flour taking the time to write such a great reply, really useful info all round!

And yep I am aware of, and still quite a lot of money down on the Hyliion and Multiplan mergers, but we learn from our mistakes!

Kind regards

This guy’s pinned tweet is essentially what you’re after - he keeps it up to date;


Wow that’s Awesome cheers Joey, guess it’s finally time I opened a Twitter account then haha.

It was starting to get very confusing knowing which companies were merging with who and the I found the merger dates so hard to pin down but I should be able to follow them all nice and easily now!

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“Calendar” feature is amazing.


Great site - thanks for sharing.

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Good read for anyone new to SPACs :ok_hand:


Thanks for this. This website is really helpful and it will save a lot of my time tracking it directly from SEC website.

I think what is missing in this website is that there is not any link to SEC original PDF document. Link to original PDF document is very important, so other people could also recheck the accuracy of the data from original authoritative source and will prompt other people when a mistake was found. But certainly you cannot complain where the services are provided for free. But my intention here is that at least we could provide feedback to the site owner.

A good recent example here is SBE (Switchback Energy Acquisition Corp) w ChargePoint voting for merger date. There were a lot of info in circulation online that merger date was in Mid-December, 2020. It is only after a few people are showing the updated document from SEC, the people start to realise that the voting date for merger is 15/01/2021. This mistake almost cost me (and other people as well from various comments) a lot of money, as I almost sell half of my position (to release my principal) in anticipation of the current trend in SPAC that the price will drop quite significantly after the merger is approved and ticker symbol is changed.

@adindas I can see that on every individual SPAC’s profile there is a section “SEC Filings”. Leads directly to the docs.

Hi Lonelyx.
I rechecked it again indeed there is a tab “SEC filing” (As above print screen), But this is not the original SEC document. The orginal one from SEC is quite lenghty an in PDF format.

@adindas Well that 8-K on your screenshot should be clikckable. And from what I observed SEC filings are never originally in PDF format.

The original offical SEC filing document will look like this
It will need signature on the botttom as well

Just started looking at SPACs, I was thinking SPACS meant short names for highly speculative stocks.

Am I too late for SPACS now that there are lots coming onto market?
What is the best resource on SPACS, I don’t have time to go through SEC filings etc, someone must be putting summaries., any pointers?

Thank you