Practice Mode suggestions #2

I have recently learned how to do a pie with the help from a friend on here, he spent a lot of time explaining and helping me do it.
So not to intrude on the thread I had another idea, could it be possible to set the practice mode to have the markets close like the real ones and not stay open, I mean make it an option?
I was thinking having them open although good for someone new to keep trying things but can give the wrong impression of shares rising or falling, so having this option lets others practice on a more real environment.
Just a thought.


Hi Colin my practice mode opens and closes with the markets it does not stay open? It might be worth opening up settings and seeing if you have weekend trading enabled in trading preferences as this will cause simulated trading when markets are closed.

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Hi Lee, I haven’t looked today but I will, if that is the case I remember ticking the popup that said something about trading when markets are closed in my last practice but not done it this time.

I got the popup about it but I refrained from ticking it, thanks Lee.

No problem at all best of luck

Thanks mate, I’m trying not to look over the weekend, so I’m not tempted to change anything lol.

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