Practice mode access

Hello, I am have a real money account but I have been using only the Invest mode to buy stocks since I’m already familiar with it. I would like to look into using the CFD mode to begin learning the basics of trading as well. I have spent some time learning about the basics and I would like to start testing the water, however I can’t seem to figure how to access the practice mode for CFD. How can I switch from real money to practice?

Are you using the desktop version or the App?

I am using both desktop version and the iOS app and I can’t seem to find how to access the practice mode

On desktop when viewing the chart, at the top right hand side of the screen you’ll see your username and an arrow (pointing downwards) next to the circle that says ‘Invest’. Click on the arrowand a dropdown will appear. At the bottom it will say ‘Switch to Practice’. Hit that and that’s it.

I tried to screenshot mine but I can’t get the tool to stay open but I hope the instructions I gave are straight forward enough

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I feel so stupid for not seeing it before when it was so obvious. Thanks for the help!

No that’s OK no worries, happy investing.