Present Correct Information on Dividend Payments

Currently the dividend notification presents incorrect information to your users when withholding tax is involved.

The notification says:

{stock} distributed an ordinary dividend of {amount_after_tax} per share. You have received {amount_converted_to_user_currency}.

This creates a false statement because the “ordinary dividend” was amount_before_tax, not after tax. The company did distribute amount_after_tax to non-residents, however that is not the ordinary dividend, right?

It would also be great if we could have a breakdown of dividend payments so that we can see how the calculations were made.

| Stock | Div. Per Share | Tax | Conversion Rate | No. Shares | Total Paid |

Something like that would eliminate any confusion whatsoever.


Others have also frequently requested this. It is #2 on this features request list.

A dividend notification rework is already in our pipeline. The presented information will be much more comprehensive & some of your suggestions will be implemented. :v: