Problem on iOS-App: The App keeps displaying a message counter


in the past, the app constantly showed a counter for messages, even though you had already viewed them in the app. If you then closed the app completely (swipe up and restart), the message counter on the app disappeared.

Since a few days now, the message counter has stopped disappearing at all. Even “restarting” the app no longer resets the counter:


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Hey, same issue, was wondering what was I missing. Hopefully a bug the team can fix without wasting too much time.

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Thanks for sharing. We’ll deploy a fix with one of our upcoming updates in the next two weeks.


Same issue here. All notifications read, still badge icon


now this problems is solved. Thank you!

But this problem still exists:

Hey, @Shorty68DE :wave:

We rolled out a fix for the badge issue, and the situation is now resolved. When it comes to the other problem that still persists, could you provide me with a screenshot of the exact place you’re referring to so I can check this further?

Hi, been having this issue also for a couple of weeks. My app is up to date (29/11/23) and still having the issue. All notifications read but the app icon still showing a notification count of 1

EDIT. App now showing update, applied and seems to be fixed.

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