iPad Bug - New Release

I trade exclusively via the iPad app, but having updated to the latest version, I have come across a bug.

After placing buy orders, the in-app notification after execution has disappeared. After placing an order, I thought that it was still pending, until I saw that it had been completed, in my account history.

The notification marker still shows in the menu, but this now has to be opened, in order to clear the notification.

On the topic of the iPad app; is this due an overhaul, anytime soon? I have seen all of the standard iPhone app features, only to feel like Iā€™m missing out on a lot of enhancements.


Hey :wave:,

Thanks for sharing it. Our team is already aware of the case above, and it will be fixed with the upcoming update. :white_check_mark:

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We found a solution, and you can expect the fix with the upcoming update. :gear: Thank you once again

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