problem with funds invested

Hi, need some help with my funds invested. the invested amount for my isa pie which holds all of my funds is for some reason about £30 higher than the invested amount for the main isa section.

Did you have dividends auto-invested in the pie?

yes but no dividends have gone in yet, just the amount invested and returned in the pie is £30 higher than the total isa

What can you see in the History under total return, deposits and withdrawals?

total return £67
deposit 5.6k
withdrawls £350

it happened after a rebalance i think, but normally the pie is still the same value as total invested in isa

That may explain it, when you did a rebalance, some of the return was reinvested in the pie, and that’s why the return in the pie is less than the return of the whole account by the same £30.xx. If you add the Invested and the Return on each side they are equal.

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oh ok then, its not done that on other rebalances before haha