Rebalance question

Hi, I just rebalanced my pie and noticed that I seem to have lost £15 of “invested funds”. Pre rebalance my ISA was sitting at £1729 invested and then after rebalancing the invested funds is sitting at £1714. It’s only ETFs in the pie and there is no cash sitting in free funds? I’m just a bit confused?

To further, after doing some maths, I sold £358 worth of etfs but the pie only bought £343 worth back, where is the missing £15?

Is it sitting in the free funds of the pie? This is separate from the free funds of the account.

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Yeah I’ve just realised this and came here to delete my question :rofl::rofl:

I think it gets most people early on as it can be quite invisible, only when you notice a large chunk then you are like :thinking: where is it

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It’s the first time I have rebalanced because I swapped out a couple of etfs and just thought it would use all available funds, but realised that it was trying to get to the exact percentages :+1: