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ProQuant lets anyone build and follow automated trading strategies for stocks, forex and cryptos via an easy to use mobile app. It combines complex algorithms, powerful cloud computing and simple user interface to make algorithmic trading accessible to anyone, not just the big Wall Str. players.
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I’ll post weekly performance reports of all my strategies
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Weekly report - Week Number 23
My position size:

  • All US30 strats: €50
  • All GERMAN30 strats: €12
    US30 strats + €116,81 + 17,97%
    Zircon. + €27,92 + 55,84%
    Gatsby. + €15,69 + 31,38%
    Phenomic. + €25,24 + 50,48%
    Kulb. - €7,47 - 14,94%
    Gutenberg. + €25,87 + 51,74%
    Slate. - €13,75. - 27,5%
    Hexo. + €26,63. + 53,26%
    Gohugo + €12,70 + 25,4%
    Orbion. - €0,11. - 0,22%
    Python. - €0,58. - 1,16%
    Wyam + €2,54. + 5,08%
    Obsidian. + €5,29. +10,58%
    Eleventy. - €3,16. - 6,32%
    GERMAN30 strats
    Magnanimous + €17,17 + 143,08%
    Total results since week 23, 2020
    US30. + €116,81 + 17,97%
    GERMAN30. + €17,17 + 143,08%
    Obsolete strategies:
  • none

I must look into this a little further. Keep us all posted, great to see :+1:


Thanks I’ll do! New published strategies will be posted as well

Excellent timing as I was just looking into algo trading. :+1:
I am following.

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New strategies released!

ProQuant US30 Strategy β€œ:star2: Winter’s Journey”

Winter’s Journey US30: Risk Rating :three: (medium)
:heavy_check_mark:Backtest: 16 months
:heavy_check_mark:Positions: 207
:heavy_check_mark:Return: 196%
:heavy_check_mark:Drawdown: 39%

ProQuant US30 Strategy β€œDyme”

Dyme US30: Risk Rating :three: (medium)
:heavy_check_mark:Backtest: 8 months
:heavy_check_mark:Positions: 141
:heavy_check_mark:Return: 454%
:heavy_check_mark:Drawdown: 32%

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Does this only work with CFD accounts?

Yes. It only works on CFDs

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New strategy!

What is ProQuant? Check the setup guide:

ProQuant US30 Strategy β€œ:star2: Pride of Wilson”

Pride of Wislon: Risk Rating :four: (high)

:heavy_check_mark:Backtest: 16 months

:heavy_check_mark:Positions: 274

:heavy_check_mark:Monthly Return: 27% static

:heavy_check_mark:Avg entry/exit: 1d 6h / 12h

Is it safe to connect an app to the trading account?

Yes, it’s safe but not risk free. A backtest and chart of a strategy can look great but that is just an indication how it performed in the past. It does not guarantee any future winnings

More about robo trading @ trading212

Do it with a simulated account.

I am interested in using ProQuant (and robo trading in general) and will probably use in the future but one should decide carefully regarding strategies.

I don’t know if there is a ranking in ProQuant for strategies or how detailed can you make your queries. I also realized that some details of strategies can be hidden by the strategy builder, so it may hinder the transparency and ability to understand the underlying logic of the strategy.

I also want to point out that there is an incentive for strategy builders. While it is perfectly normal to promote strategies (I am not criticizing anyone here), just be aware that people will benefit if you decide to use their strategies while you may possible lose your money in the meantime.

Yes, you can build your own strategies with ProQuant and it is possible to earn money when your strategies are followed with real money.
Be careful with the top performance list of ProQuant, alot of the top strategies are very risky. There are a few very good strategies but you’ve to know what to search for. Always start with practice money to see how everything works and build some own strategies. The strategy build generator is quite interesting but is a bit limited in options right now

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Started on Monday with practice Money on the Ger30 proquant bot. 99% losing trades. Got bored of the constant notifications β€œyour position was closed with €x loss”. So uninstalled it on Friday.

Does the strategy build tool have the option to trade on moving average crossovers?

Weekly report - week 24

All US30 strategies + €57,97 (8,12%)

All GERMAN30 strategies - €5,80 (-48,33%)

Detailed report:

I know you might have had other reasons to uninstall it, but if it was just the notifications I hope you realise you can simply turn those off

New ProQuant strategy published

What is ProQuant? Check the setup guide:

ProQuant US30 Strategy β€œIronax”

Ironax US30: Risk Rating :three: (medium)

:heavy_check_mark:Backtest: 8 months

:heavy_check_mark:Positions: 189

:heavy_check_mark:Return: 223%

:heavy_check_mark:Avg entry/exit: 22h 34m / 8h 43m

What is ProQuant? Check the setup guide:

ProQuant EUR/USD Strategy β€œSchwung”

Schwung EUR/USD: Risk Rating :three: (medium)

:heavy_check_mark:Backtest: 8 months
:heavy_check_mark:Positions: 162
:heavy_check_mark:Static Return: 138/month
:heavy_check_mark:Avg entry/exit: 21h / 13h 21m

New strategy
ProQuant US30 Strategy β€œAce”

Ace US30: Risk Rating :three: (medium)

Backtest: 8 months
Positions: 141
Static return: 49%/month
Win/loss ratio: 0.91
Profit factor: 3.44

Weekly US30 PnL report - Week 25

Position size US30 strats: €50

:notebook: Week 25
All US30 strategies: +€82.44 (10.30%)

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Total PnL - June 2020:
All US30 strategies: +€305.42 (38.17%)

:mag_right: Detailed report: