Psychedelic tickers please

Psychedelic market is quite interesting and increasing. Can you please add the following tickers:
NUMI.V - Numinus Wellness Inc.
MMEDF - Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc
SHRMF - Champignon Brands Inc.
The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS)(OTCQB:BOSQF)**



@Grandanat, you can only request stock additions for markets to which we have access.

Ok got it. US tickers then:
LKYSD:USOTC US , Numinus Wellness Inc
MMEDF:USOTC US, Mind Medicine MindMed Inc
SHRMF:USOTC US, Champignon Brands Inc
BOSQF:USOTC US, Yield Growth Corp/The

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Sorry, @Grandanat! We do not currently have access to OTC Markets. I know that it’s on the radar.

You guys have added a ton of OTC traded stocks and none of those were listed, why?

Also, aren’t you able to offer any Canadian exchange-based stocks?

These are having eve greater relevance


I need Numinus Wellness on the platform asap!!

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Any update on these? Can anyone suggest where else to go to buy these if not available on T212?

There is another topic including these tickers, maybe we should have a Psychedelic mega thread?

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