Shroom stocks 🍄 [discussion]

This is a general topic about shroom stocks and psychedelics.
I suggest we discuss here stocks that already on Trading 212, requests to add new ones, and info of previous requests that cannot be fulfilled.

  • SHRMF - Champignon Brands Inc. :white_check_mark: (available, but fractional, can’t be added to a pie)
  • CMPS - Compass Pathways :white_check_mark:
  • SEEL - Seelos Therapeutics Inc :white_check_mark:
  • MMED / MMEDF :white_check_mark: (now MNMD, following uplisting to NASDAQ)
  • NUMI.V <<== Numinus Wellness Inc.
  • TRUFF :x: (not PSE)
  • TRIP :x: (not PSE)
  • MYCO :x: (not PSE)
  • TRYP :x: (not PSE)
  • AION :x: (not PSE, Trading 212 does not have access to CSE)
  • TSX <<== (Trading 212 does not have access to CSE)
  • CSE:BOSS / OTCQB:BOSQF <<== The Yield Growth Corp.
  • TWGL <<== 20/20 Global
  • CYBN.NE <<== Cybin Inc.

I am using the following topics as sources:

So, only Champignon Brands and Compass Pathways are available? I must be missing something. Share your thoughts and I’ll update the list.


What are you thoughts on Champignon Brands?

I had Tilray stock and then sold (buying back in this week) as legalisation is becoming more and more common. Seems finally these kind of “herbal” products are less taboo.

Could the next few years this be the next step.

Oh my god actually stocks for Shrooms :joy:

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Think I want to visit this clinic! Fair play. We plow man made chemicals into our bodies to help our aliments. Seems logical to use something natural.

I have invested in Champignon Brands and in Compass Pathways. If you find other stocks of this category available on Trading 212 - please share. :slight_smile:

My thoughts on Champignon Brands: It’s just speculative. Just look at their website - it’s designed for investors first in mind, and products and services of the business second.
It’s just selling us a great idea with potential, I don’t see valuable business or serious indications that they are on the right path (yet).

Yeah I must admit it’s not an advanced a website as Compass Pathways, I definitely see what you mean. It’s just on the one page isn’t it? Here’s what we are trying to do, welcome on board. Although in whole I really believe in the product. If cannabis has come this far…

Was a bit disappointed to see that the latter (Compass Pathways) isn’t psilocybin from the mushroom itself rather a synthesised formulation version. Wonder why they aren’t using the organic source? That put me off!

I think using psilocybin (natural) is a great idea and with more development etc could be big in the future! 100% something in it.

I’m own Aphria right now. Would love to diversify into other things along this line.

Let me know if you find anything else of interest.

Not sure why they are using a synthesised one, but this is definitely not a downside. AFAIK producing synthetic psilocybin is orders of magnitudes more expensive than usigin shrooms. Could be an issue with the dosage precision with the organic source.

Keep in mind that synthetic psilocybin is used in all the studies. They do not give mushrooms to the participants. :smiley:

With Champignon Brands are they not using medicinal mushroom infused skus which are organic?

Yeah must be something to do with production and regulating the psilocybin amount. I’m just speculating. It could be a more controlled way. I personally prefer the natural route. Obviously it’s probably not as simple as that though and probably pretty dangerous. Don’t want someone having a bad trip. Can’t imagine the work that needs to go into it but given time I think it could really take off.

Hahaha oh that did make me laugh. You’ve got me picturing a lab where mushrooms grow freely and trials are loose and carefree!

Im very interested to follow this venture though.

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Check out SEEL I got in them around 1.43 . They are the top holding in the PSYK ETF. Granted - ketamine, not shrooms but still within the branch of psychedelic stocks

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Thanks @radekw247 , just added it to the initial post!
Agreed, probably should rename the topic to psychedelics :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyone still holding Champignon Brands? It hurts… :upside_down_face:

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Some positive news:

The stock is up 65% today!

An update on MindMed - the stock will be uplifted to the Nasdaq tomorrow. @David Could we add it now? The new ticker will be MNMD.

@David @Joey_Fantana - reminder, thanks. :pray:

It’s on the IPO post today mate. :+1:t2:

EDIT: and now added :partying_face:

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What’s the ticker? I can’t spot it!

Top of the IPO post - MNMD.

Interesting, not appearing for me!

Let me pop on over to that thread.

I can see it in the app. Perhaps an app or phone restart required. Usually does it for me.

Thank you so much for adding it to the IPO list!
Do you also have a fractional request lists that T212 is checking? :smiley:

P.S.: Does anyone know if I can edit my original post? I’d like to update it with MNMD since it’s now available.