(QUBT)/(BIDU) stock request

Hello please add these two quantum-focused stocks to your offer.

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I*ve been watching this stock for about 2 and a half months. Please add this stock because it’s future proofed for quantum computing

Quantum Computing Inc. (QUBT)

Many thanks


Please add quantum computing.
Ticker: QUBT

@myfuture2019 QUBT’s available only on OTC markets, we don’t have access to them yet.

Hello @David
Is QUBT still out of reach as stock to add?

Hi, any news on QUBT?

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What’s the story on this ticker?
I have been patiently waiting for its addition but it has been almost a year since it was asked to be put on the system - OTC markets are a go now, any chance you could fast-track this particular stock before it get any bigger and we lose out… :man_shrugging:

Many thanks D

Hi - any chance of getting quantum computing (QUBT) added?

As the name suggests they’re involved in applying quantum computing solutions across various industries. Currently an OTC stock but they have submitted an application to be included on the Nasdaq.



It seems to be Penny Stock Exempt:

QUBT now added to the platform. Closing and archiving this thread.