Question about return indication on ETF

Just quick question. Because I am sure I am missing something.

Here is an ETF I have:

The value at the time of the screenshot is 39.03 and the average price I bought it is 38.73.

The return though is negative 1.9%.

Does this also calculate the expense ration of the ETF? Is it because of the exchange ratio pounds to euros? Both? Why is it negative. I just don’t have it clear yet…


Try to use the search function of the forum. Currency difference is the issue here.


As mentioned above, it might be that the gains you’ve made on the ETF are being erased by the euro/pound exchange rate moving against you.
What I mean is that if the pound is getting weaker relative to the euro: you might have your explanation there. check FX EUR/GBP on Tradingview or something.


The latest update made it more clear.

Just to speculate though, I would assume that the fund does not have actual gains but the falling pound shows as rising in the ETF, since the fund does not hold pound based assets. So it is re-adjusted at a higher pound value.