Question for someone familiar with CFD interface

PSA: I am not trading these just copied the “most traded ones” at the time of posting.

Can someone explain the sentiment and low high numbers meanings in this, I am espcially curious/confused about that “triangle/arrow”


Does this mean 8% of people are sellers (short) and 92% of people are buyers (long)
Does that arrow related to seller/buyer sentiment?

what is this low/high value? it is not the current spread was 421.xx-422.xx

and just for the bonus example here is something similar and the triangle/arrow is on the other side…


Yep, 92% of T212 users are long.

Lowest price of the day / highest price of the day.

Not sure what that little inverted triangle is. I think it’s the current price is in relation to the high/low. Even though it looks like it’s pointing at the sellers /buyers section.

How do you find the “most traded”? Is that the “Hot” watchlist?


Yes it is the hot watch list, I assumed they are “hot” because they are traded most :slight_smile:

thanks for the answers btw.
I guess everything is “explainable” other then that confusing triangle, it could be pointing at current price but still feels wrong (or may be delayed)

Triangle points where the price is in the day range. TradingView has something similar:

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Good to read that its T212 users as i’ve had that wrong for ages.
I actually thought that was the general calculation of the stock market of how many people were buying, and how many people were selling as a percentage :wink:

That wouldn’t be accurate, as some brokers (like Oanda) don’t sent all orders to the market. They first match buy/sell orders on their own platform before sending an order to the market.

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I used to think that too so asked them. Official answer here:

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