Question to community allowed if email support doesn't help?

Hi there,

One of my posts under another thread just got deleted with the reasoning that I asked the same question already by email. However, all I received per email is copy and paste answers for three times, so I decided to ask it in the forum.

Is that allowed to your knowing? Cannot find anything about it in the community guidelines.

Thank you,

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the questions you want answers for via email are unlikely to be answered here. the community isn’t the place to chase up these issues with staff.

if you feel the email reply is missing the point, keep replying to them until you get the point across as it can be escalated with them.

for what it’s worth, there is no such thing as a “copy and paste” answer via email, only lack of properly clarifying the issue.

Could not think of a better place than the “Help” section in the forum.

Firstly, others can benefit from your question and that in turn can reduce the backlog in unanswered support tickets

Secondly, if the issue remains unresolved or there is a misunderstanding the forum can help (sometimes) clear things up

Thirdly, do not let @Dao discourage you. Thank you for your openess. Hope your matter gets resolved @Stojue

Best wishes

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We aim to streamline all account-related inquiries towards our official support channels - that way, no miscommunication can be provoked throughout the process, especially when it comes to a more specific type of question (where our team can review in detail your account and provide the required details). Regardless, feel free to reopen your ticket without, and we’ll be happy to assist further.