Rate my pie is back

It’s been a while and I’ve changed this so much over the last few months. I’ll take any advice on board before finalising it and leaving it…

I’ve a separate pie to scratch the itch of short term trades :nerd_face: otherwise I’ll forever make changes to my pie.


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It’s a pretty bold one I’ll give you that! I don’t have the grapefruits for it right now as I cannot get my head around the numbers in most of those companies. But there is a trend, and the trend is that I am wrong according to the market :man_shrugging:t2:

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Is this the thread where people put their Pies in for a General look into them?

I’ll put mine here then.

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Take a look at this, an improved version of the OP’s pie.



Love how out of place SMT looks in there :smile: I like it though I’m in it as well. It’s my only exposure to Tesla and China with Tencent, Nio and Alibaba for the time being.


By the look of some of these I need to grow a pair :joy:

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I like Gan :+1:t3: On my watch list for future trades…

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This is just enough. Have start this 1 month ago, 17% profit.


I think all investments require some kinds of balls to be grown :joy:


Some are just bigger than others :man_shrugging:t2:



Only been trading 6 months so still very new. Very happy with 18% returns. Onwards and upwards :facepunch:

How does one make a pie and show their link?

When I try the Pie thing it tells me to Auto invest which I do not wish to do.

Then click ‘manual’ which is the drop down option. Once you’ve made a pie you’ll see where it says ‘share pie’

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Anyone who followed my revised pie should be up ~12.5% in 30 days… :fire:

I just realized my pie link is not working, I’ll it here again, in fact I will add a second one as well.

Gladius I (Up 22% in 3 months) :

Gladius II (Up 15% in ~3 months):

156% AAR for this one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: