Received First Dividend, missing data?

I recievied my first dividend for a US base stock, it told me the dollar value per share and how much GBP I got (but didn’t get any e-mail about this yet - no mention in the daily statements at least). What it doesn’t make clear is:

  1. What exchage rate was applied and exactly what time this was applied.
  2. What taxes were applied.

Would be nice if the interface could clarify this.

Also, as a side note, the interface does not really show me what the total costs are, like how much stamp duty I paid or how much NYSE FINRA I paid or how much NYSE Transaction Fees I paid.

Thanks for pointing that out. I agree that info about the applied conversion rate and withholding tax would be very helpful. We will add this to our backlog and improve it as soon as we can.

As for the transaction fees, if applied, you can see them in the details section of the orders you make.

Here are examples of orders with applied FINRA fee or stamp duty:

Thanks, for the transaction fees I mean somewhere where everything is totalled up with a break down? For example:
Total Fees/Commission: £100.00
Stamp Duty: £55.00
Transaction Fees: £5.00
FINRA Fees: £40.00

Something like that would be helpful.

Also, the numbers are rounded, so there is no way for us to see the precision. For example if the price per share was £10.91500, your platform would probably show this as £10.92 or £10.91. It’s not that transparent to know exactly what the number was. I have to manually go into my daily reports e-mail which has the more accurate precision. This is useful for people like me who store this data separately.

Would be also good to have dividend tracking inside the application it self, calendar with ex dividend dates etc. Also estimated yearly/monthly payouts for the owned stocks etc…


@Vedran We’re actually working on that. :wink:


Sounds great, keep the good rolling :wink:

Really pleased to hear this as I’m currently paying for this information.