Reduce FX Impact

Hi folks is there any tips to reduce FX impact, at the moment it’s crushing my gains.
I’m still a nice % up, but could be a great deal more if I could sort FX out


From I’ve been reading the best strategy is to be extremely long and DCA on a regular basis.

Don’t worry about now and think about 5 years time and far more into the future



Completely agree, the longer you hold your investment the less of an fx impact there is to worry about. Also, fx can work in your favor too, do not forget that :wink:

I am long and am DCA regularly so thanks, will try not to let it frustrate me.

Cool thanks, will take all this on board and try not to let it frustrate cheers

It used to me as well in fairness.

It helps not checking the app as well if you’re long.

I generally only check on 212 once a week, if I’m swinging a couple of stocks then I just put them on a Webull watchlist so I don’t need to log on. It tends to help physiologically, but that’s just me.

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You have no power to change FX impact. If your account is in GBP/USD, you feel it now by seeing it in return. If your account would be in USD, it would be the same, you just wouldn’t see that in “return”. In the end you have the same amount of money, just having account in USD might be mentally easier to not see “FX impact”.