Dollar cost average Vs FX Impact

Good morning, just a quick question:

The same way we can reduce cost average by buying more stocks when the price is down. I wonder if it will work with the FX impact?

Example: My account is in GBP and I bought 1 US stock at price 1GBP with an exchange rate GBP1-USD1.

Then 2 weeks later the exchange ratio drops to GBP1-USD 0.5

If I buy again when the exchange ratio is lower than the first time I bought… would it reduce my average FX impact?

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DCA will work providing your profits are > than the FX impact…I had instances where my profits were < than my FX impact therefore resulting in a negative return at that present moment…I must say it can sometimes work in your favour.

Depending on how much you’re investing & how long for I wouldn’t worry about FX impact, you could also trade on days when the GBP:USD rate are more favourable but I think that will be a waste of time and opportunity

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I asked the same question here: Markets up, profits down

The answer is ‘yes’ by all accounts :slight_smile: