Regarding leveraged tradeing

Can I lower the leverage rate to like x2 ? And is it automatically set at 1:10? Also is there a section which shows your liquidations price . And can I lose more then the 100$ I deposited

Can’t really help too much but I don’t think there’s any way to reduce the leverage. But what you might find helpful is that a few of the major stocks can be found 2x leveraged

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If you search 2x in the Invest or ISA section, you’ll find a list of leveraged shares. These include Microsoft, Alphabet and Citigroup, and quite a few others

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I’m guessing your on CFD platform?

You cannot lose more than you deposit, positions will close before that point, you will also have a margin call at 25% to allow you to top up your account.

Leverage changes per instrument, try crypto for lower leverage.

Yes, exactly!

Soon the entire range of Leverage Shares ETPs will be added (including additional 2x ETPs and new -1x and 3x ETPs) on some of the most heavily traded US stocks like Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Alphabet and more.

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you actually can lose all your money. If stock doesnt have extended hours and goes 20% or more up or down, you will lose all your money you put in. Happened to me on HTZ