Reinvesting into ISA

Hi all,
I currently have invested the full amount 20k into a 212 stocks isa also I have an investment 212 portfolio of 18k plus which I add to each week, when the new financial year starts can i keep my investment account holdings and just transfer straight to my isa as I don’t want to lose my holding positions

Hi Keet

I’m afraid you cant transfer your stock holdings from Invest acc to an ISA acc.
Your current holding on invest needed to be sold then the funds can be transferred to ISA acc and then you may repurchased it’s all done instantly.

Hope this answer your query.

No. You need to sell, transfer the proceeds into the ISA and buy again.

Hi Cai-X,

Thanks for your reply, that’s a shame if your holding a lot of high returns in stock you will lose your low buy positions if you want to add to your ISA

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The ISA is protecting against capital gains tax, that’s the point of it so you wouldn’t be allowed to move shares into it to escape paying CGT even if you haven’t made enough gains to be liable. Wishful thinking. :sweat_smile:

There is something called Bed & ISA (that some platforms offer) which essentially does the selling and rebuying the same shares again inside the ISA on your behalf. You still would lose out on the spread on each share.