Transfer holdings not cash when transferring ISA

I’d find it really useful if I didn’t have to sell my shares when transferring an ISA. If I’m holding those shares it is because I think they will generate income or growth which I could miss out on when transferring an ISA.

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the whole reason you cannot just transfer the holdings is to due to tax laws, not just a preference of the T212 team.

I’m sure I’ve transferred UK stocks from one broker to another without selling if it is a previous years tax allowance

ah, if its from an existing ISA then its a bit different.

I checked the terms PDF and they do mention transferring ISA’s out but not a word about transferring in. But I am certain this is offered as its part of offering an ISA service, you may need to pay some fee’s however. you should contact the team directly as it requires details regarding the ISA’s etc from both ends.

I would use the platform help chat feature to talk directly with someone who can point you in the right direction. They will be able to tell you any forms you need to fill out and who to send them to. Just make sure to clarify whether or not the transfer is treated against this years allowance

They do accept transfers in. But cash only so you have to sell your holdings and the cash is transferred

I wonder if this is something T212 should look into, since other platforms do permit in-specie ISA transfers. I once moved a ISA from AJ Bell to Interactive Investor. However, that ISA contained a number of investments in OEIC funds, which could be held on both those platforms, but which cannot be held by T212.

You are permitted to have more than one stocks and shares ISA - just not contribute to more than one in a given tax year. So it would be possible to leave your old ISA in place and start a new stocks and shares ISA with T212 in your next tax year.

T212 have said they are looking at it, but there’s a lot of backend paperwork and other things they need to go through to get it done, its not such a simple process. so it’ll take a while, but will eventually arrive.

for now we can see a lot of other stuff become more readily available.


+1, I am also looking to move my ISA from other providers to Trading 212 ISA without having a need to sell my ISA due to tax implications. It will be fantastic to see all my portfolio in 1 place.

Yep, once we can do this I will be bringing everything over from elsewhere.

why would selling your ISA have tax implications? the ISA is a tax-free wrapper, even if you sell that money does not get taxed, nor does the money get taxed again before being put into a new ISA. additionally, a properly declared transfer using money from previous years deposits wont count against your current years allowance.

The biggest reason to not want to sell your holdings in an ISA is to ensure your positions open up at the same value in the new portfolio without suffering a price increase during the transition between sale and repurchase that may mean you have to buy into less shares from the beginning of the new account.

Thanks for the update Will be good to have the holdings with minimal fluctuations when I transfer, so I will be waiting for the option to transfer without selling as other ISA’s provide those options. I didn’t know about this option :point_down:

additionally, a properly declared transfer using money from previous years deposits won’t count against your current year’s allowance.

How do you declare the transfer from the previous year ISA? Does it need to be happening with my current ISA provider or the future provider Trading 212?

as long as the funds remain inside the ISA account, you should have the transfer initialised between your current one and the place you plan to move the money through the proper process. loss of allowance occurs when people withdraw the funds from their ISA and put it back into a new one, where the funds are treated as a new deposit during the current year. the transfer process is handled to prevent your existing funds from affecting your new allowance.

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Thanks @Dao it makes sense now.

I would also like to have this feature. Others broker allow to transfer ISA with the holdings. I need to transfer out my ISA to another broker due to some ISA limitations but I don’t want to sell. I hope trading 212 makes this possible soon