Reit addition request

Good morning all,
@Team212 @Tony.V @David
I’m quite passionate about a certain REIT and noticed that it wasn’t available on the platform. Could you add the following stock with a secondary listing on the Euronext Amsterdam if possible?

  • XAMS:AED (Aedefica SA secondary listing)

Thank you in advance :smile:

Nice to know somebody is crazy about Reits as myself. I am going to study this Reit thanks for this tip, and hopefully they will adding it soon

already published a short analysis on it couple days ago: Fundamental analysis of Aedifica - AED
It isn’t as in-depth as other analyses I have done but let me know if you found it helpful :smiley:

Thanks it looks like a very good business. My only doubt is about the double taxation for the dividend, which can be hard on me, being resident in Ireland. Other than that, great choice

withholding would be 15% as it’s a Belgian healthcare REIT, I don’t know Irish taxes so can’t help you there.

We pay 31%. Sadly! Anyway a deeper look into it is certainly worth it as it is not only dividends, but capital gain too.

so 31% on all dividends in addition to withholding, that’s insane!? And I thought Ireland had good tax treatment because all the funds are there. With such rates better only have non dividend paying things.

I am in fact getting some UK companies in my portfolio so I don;t have the double tax. Or US of course being the most liquid market. Ireland is great for funds and ETFs

Have you looked at BCPT Reit pays monthly UK stock pays around 3% so for around 80p a share you get 0.35p per month best to put it in isa as you will lose some of dividend in tax in normal invest account

I don’t have and ISA account, as I live in Ireland, but I will have a look, as a monthly dividend is something I like!

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Christmas bump in hope of getting it added, asked the first time for it in May (Stocks & ETFs requests - add here) so maybe it can still be added this year?

Aedifica is listed on the regulated markets of Euronext Brussels and Euronext Amsterdam (ISIN: BE0003851681)