REIT Pie Feedback

Hi all,

Currently experimenting with REITs - I’ve not done a huge amount of research into these, but let me know what you think of my pie:

I’m hoping to go for a mixture of commercial properties - data centres, warehouses, some office spaces etc.

Any feedback is welcomed.


Overall solid companies (personally don’t know PEAK and IIPR so won’t comment on those), the only remark would be that you’re a bit focused on O.

maybe stocks like STORE (retail, imo better risk/reward than O), EQIX (data centre), CONE (data centre), COR (data centre, not fractional ), QTS (data centre), ARE (office/laboratory) and STAG (industrial) could be interesting.

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My take as well, together with STAG, some of the best 5y ~ 10y returns.

have you looked at supr good reit

I agree I have that, but yet not possible to add to the pies as not fractional

IMHO too much on O and I would say overall the rest is fine. My personal one has a more equal distribution and I also have European Reits, but I think company wise, is fine