Can I get your Feedback on my Pie

Hello All and Happy New Year! :christmas_tree:

I’ve been using Trading212 since the beginning of this year and was focusing on a few stocks that are not too diversified but high quality and well stable ones.
I’ve been reading that they are expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years. So, I’ve continued to mutate it until they proved to reflect high growth into my portfolio.
I have only one stock that pays dividends (Apple) but my goal is not dividend-oriented.

So, I’ve created a pie that reflects my combinations for these stocks with and I want to have your feedback on them and also on the percentage I’m investing in each one of them.

Pie Link:

Looking forward to seeing your feedbacks!

Far too much tech, atleast you need to add a tracker to compensate for any drop in tech or low activity in the future

Mmmmm, yup true! That’s why it performed very well during the pandemic.
But I like the idea of the tracker :+1:

from a 1-10 in risk level I would put this around a 9-10. not so much for the companies themselves but only having 6 individual stocks is very risky. If you are going to beat the market this is a portfolio that could do it but it’s risky af and could have some big swings.

EQQQ has 100 tech holdings and it swings quite a lot, back in March for instance it dropped 20%. your pie is only 6 holdings so expect major volatility. btw, all of your holdings are in EQQQ except NIO I believe.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:
I agree with you, that’s why I’ve started to track few other stocks in other sectors and plat with them and eventually, planning to create another pie for them and have people feedback.
Having 1-3 pies in a portfolio is a good idea I think :thinking:

One pie with around 20 in would be easier to manage and also easier to average your auto invest, otherwise you will need to set each pie to auto invest there own amounts which is pretty pointless

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Might as well throw the rest of the most popular section in there too​:sweat_smile::+1:

Differnt opinions are always good, i’d say look at other sectors, but keep it around 6 stocks.

I myself keep myself to 4 stocks.
Dont need more then that

This will work well in a climbing market but I’m not sure it will in a declining market. I would take atleast 40% and spread it across a wide range of stocks, that way you still have your 60% in growth stocks with the benefit of having 40% in more stable stocks or indexes

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Maybe having 2 different pies in this case would make sense (one for stable stocks and the other one for this one [Tech-V!]:point_up: ) and splitting the money between them 30% (stable pie) - 70% (tech-v! Pie)?

Looks like NIO and TESLA are the top performers in this pie :grin: I was thinking of being greedy and increasing their percentage but that would be VERY RISKY to be honest :sweat_smile:
Will stick to the current percentages for now :dart:

Agree with Lenos here

Quite heavy on tech as you already know. Thing is tech market has been very bull since last march crash, dont expect that will go on forever

Personally I would hold stocks that do fine even during bear markets, stuff that people always need

Electric utilities

I like to add some gold too

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I’m over the moon with tesla but it has to be balanced out with some more stable gaining stocks etfs

I’ve been doing research and a lot of readings about PLUG POWER stock.
To be honest, I can see great potential in it and I’ve decided to include it in my Pie but will wait for the pullback since it has gone up significantly and it’s ATH so it might be too Risky to buy now.
I’ve also adjusted the percentage for AMD and NVIDIA correspondingly. What do you think?

Everything green energy is at all time highs at the moment but knowing when it will slow down is more than a gamble, if you want in to a stock for the long term feed your money in over a few weeks/months but don’t sit and wait.

The number of stocks I have on watch that I didn’t pull the trigger on is ridiculous, I find that if I’m watching it then there’s good reason behind it.

Always follow your gut but don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose (literally)