Reits to invest longterm

What do you guys think about investing in reits for the long term?

It’s definitely part of my portfolio, the pie below is what I’m currently investing/invested in. Even with 2008 and this year if it’s for the long term there’s still upside

I am absolutely amazed by this business. I have a pie which I want to grow in the long term to be at least 70% of my portfolio. I want to reach 15 to 20 companies in the pie. I am halfway through now.

Which reits are you invested in ud?

This is my pie. But there is also SUPR which is not fractional so it can’t be added. I am planning, if I find good companies at a reasonable price, other 5 to 6 other reits.

I have two long-term portfolios - one here, one on eToro. Both of them have the majority of holdings 20-25% as REIT ETFs.

whats your case on iipr? Saw it but read that a change in banking regulations could really have big impacts on it (if banks were allowed to lend to the growers like normal that could bring in huge competition for iipr as they kind of finance the growers a bit as well), haven’t done too much research into so educate me :wink:

Also what’s your interest in LTC, stagnant dividend, stagnant growth, doesn’t seem that with current management anything will happen there (and not that well-diversified among tenants as well).

As you have stag maybe prologis or Tritax big box , Tritax Eurobox would be interesting. What do you thinkg about the data center reits?

Anyone who holds reits for a decent period of time seen good returns?

Hi. I am not willing to invest in data centre reits to be honest. As I am willing to hold long term, I am either deciding to have high yield with lateral price, or slow pacing solid growth reits. IIPR will be reduced overtime as I want to increase the position up to about 15 in total. I am willing to diversify in Europe as well, but I am avoiding specialized reits, like data centre.

Any particular reason why have O, NNN and STOR? :slight_smile:

Have a look my Reit Top Pie

Realty income for the properties diversification. Stor for the retail focused, but still diversified. Nnn so I could include some company that further the physical assets, could manage loans and mortgages