Remaining ISA allowance

Can someone please tell me how to find my remaining ISA allowance? I simply cannot find it and I cannot find an answer in the help section. Surely it must be easy to find but I’m blind to it.

So far I’ve had to scroll through manually counting the deposits, which is ludicrous.

Are you on the app? Click the arrow at the very top with your account total, then go to the bottom where it says isa utilisation, click that arrow and you’ll get amount

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This only applies if you arnt paying into other isa’s

I meant to mention this is through the web page.

The app certainly does give the answer! Hurrah! I just wish I could find it on the web page.

If you are in the ISA account from the app, click the amount of your portfolio at the top in the middle and then scroll down:

From the web app it’s enough to click “Account value” and will show it:

In both cases you can click “ISA utilisation” and will show the breakdown and the exact amount.

Nope. It’s not there. That’s where I would expect to see it but it’s simply not there.

Hmmm. Your layout actually looks different to mine. I don’t know why that might be. I don’t have an account value next to the deposit button. It’s in the bottom right. :thinking:

Ohh, that’s because I am using the beta version, the new one, you can try it from this link:
Or simply add /beta at the end of the URL, you can switch back to the old one at any time.

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I see. I must say that the Beta does look a lot better. Doesn’t work with the CFD account though, unfortunately, so switching between the two is irritating. I guess I’ll have to wait for it go live.

Scrub that! It remembers and works fine. Hurrah!

If you switch to CFD will automatically use the old version, when you switch back again to invest, it automatically use the beta version, no need to switch again from the old version to beta. But once you get used to the beta version, using the CFD with the older version, looks bad ahah

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