Total ISA Amount

Hi All,
Relatively new, but in my ISA account, on History. I have:
Deposits- £10,008.43
Withdrawals- -£3,802.63

Does this mean I have used £13,811.06 out of the £20k for this FY?

My current account value is £7,736.27 including live results of £547.74 .

Thanks in advance.

You can easily find how much of your ISA allowance you have used on the mobile app.

  1. At the top of the screen press the arrow to see your account value.
  2. Press the arrow next to ISA utilisation

ISA only tracks the deposits into the account. a flexible ISA would count withdrawals against the total so would go down to £6k used, rather than increase. but T212 doesn’t offer flexible so your ISA usage so far would be £10k if it was all made this year.

you have £10k left of ISA allowance to deposit before the count resets on April 6th

Brill. Thanks for your help and conformation.