Requested stocks in CFD for Today (Thursday 10th Sept)

Goodmorning @David @Martin @PeterA @Team212

Can you guys add the following stocks to CFD platform, as soon as possible please?

DPHC (DiamondPeak Holdings Corp.)
DMYT (dMY Technology Group, Inc.)
GRAF (Graf Industrial Corp. )
FMCI (Forum Merger II Corporation )
GMHI (Gores Metropoulos, Inc.)
FVAC (Fortress Value Acquisition Corp.)
HCAC (Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. IV)
KCAC (Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp.)
SPAQ (Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp.)
GRCY (Greencity Acquisition Corporation)
RIOT (Riot Blockchain, Inc.)
Mara (Marathon Patent Group, Inc.)

Thanks for the hardwork!

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another friendly reminder! @David @Martin @PeterA

another reminder please! @David @Martin @PeterA

It’s probably not even worth adding these to CFD. I guarantee you the spreads will be insane, especially for the penney stocks. You’ll lose money every time unless you have insider information.

But 'tis only my opinion.


Was hoping you might have received a reply now.

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Yeah i was hoping for at the least some kind of reaction.

gave them several reminders, at this point i don’t know if i should spam them or just call our friend @Joey_Fantana for help again haha.


Unfortunately I can’t really help as all I’m doing is requesting IPOs, which are their priority as stated by them, whereas the above are new additions (in fairness that probably should’ve been added at IPO but weren’t for whatever reason).

I have added an additional detail to my requests to ask that CFDs are added too going forward and these appear to being honoured from what I’ve noticed.

All I’d say is that’s a fairly sizey list to ask them to go through in a oner. You might have more luck staggering these out individually over a series of single requests.

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