Response to a video about Trading 212

I love 212 and we are protected etc etc, I get it. But as a place where a considerable amount of our money is, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want some form of explanation or update.

But equally guys and gals, be measured in what you write and the way you express it


If T212 puts out a statement then i believe the circular movement will stop or be minimised.

it’s merely a human nature even in kids if you don’t respond to a reasonable question, they will keep asking and also creates a breeding ground for all sorts of rumours and assumptions

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This is getting so overblown, almost everything is taking longer due to the pandemic.

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You sound like one of my subcontractors or suppliers mate :wink:


Tell me about it, I’ve been waiting four months and counting to complete the sale of a property!

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I can completely empathise there. Me and my mrs have a bit of an investment flat that we are selling.

I’ve given the purchasers team until 4pm today otherwise I’m pulling, we started the sale transaction in July!

Good luck with it, very stressful time!


Which area is your flat in? Hope you find some good buyers and that it does well for you!

It’s in Cambridgeshire.

Sounds like you want it?! :wink:

London & South East way too expensive for obvious reasons - Midland is where i believe growth will take place assuming Bozo makes do with the levelling up strategy

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Tell me about it.

Prices are nuts here. There’s tiny 3 bedrooms going for 400k

Majority of which is all UK Tax in everything…


To the question: we expect to file our audited accounts (annual financial report) with Companies House before the end of the year. They will then become publicly available through Companies House a few days later.


Brilliant and nothing more to be said here - we have heard it from the horses mouth!!!


I’m closing the thread for now for the sake of avoiding further confusion with the replies that might follow. Feel free to ping me if more doubts arise or just reopen the thread. :v:


FYI: Trading 212 UK financial statements have been received at Companies House on the 29th of December. The document will be available in 10 days.