UPDATE on T212 terms & conditions

Is nobody going to mention the new T212 terms and conditions that states in an event T212 has financial issues they have the authority to sell our shares (both on the Invest and ISA) to pay their creditors!!

Or did people not bother to read the notification that came through this week?

If you haven’t I highly recommend watching Sasha Yanshin’s latest video on YouTube that does a great job explaining the new change to terms of


Then I have to suggest that you didn’t read the terms properly at all and now Sasha has made yet another ill-informed YouTube video without reaching out to T212 for comment first…


Whether I’ll informed or not, over to T212 to comment / clarify whether YouTube detail is correct, or not. Clarity can close this chain very quickly and simply.


Or did Sasha create fear with another non story like he has done every time there’s a t&c release or a news story at a fintech.

Oh, he’s also wrong every time as well.


Dont tell me Sasha is at it again not understanding how the regulations work and misleading people that watch his videos.

I highly recommend you do your own research, and dont take his word as gospel. I dont suspect that Sasha is stupid, but perhaps manipulating the facts to try and get more YouTube hits and thus revenue, which is horrible as some people such as yourself will believe what he is peddling.

Please read the link on your investor email that highlights the changes, make your own decision and then if you agree, recommend people to ignore Sasha or put in a complaint to Youtube about misleading videos.

For your convenience:

In short, please bother to read the notification yourself, and make up your own mind.


Reading the T&C his opinion again is not correct(forgetting the fact it would breach UK and EU regulations which is what he is indirectly claiming). Rather than believe me, think of it another way - why is it not on MSE, or why are no other financial websites that list brokers, jumping up and down raising the same questions? Perhaps because they understand the T&C more than him and know his claim is unjustified as usual.


You cant skirt over the wording:

because of the nature of applicable laws or market practices in certain overseas jurisdictions…"

I understand you do not have a background at a custodian, what this change means, is that 212 may in the future be able to add further markets, in which in order to offer access to their securities, may not fall under the same protection.

Have you asked 212 as previously requested before you post a potentially misleading video, or have you corrected your previously misleading videos?


you are reading out a passage of text and telling people what you think it means… that is interpretation.

It’s not even a new clause, just a change in wording. but now you suddenly find fault with it?


Who is Sasha Yanshin?? Definitely good idea to read better the terms and condition… All ofd us should do that I am sure :wink:


Not providing an interpretation.

212 what are your lawyers like?


Yawn. Standard excuse from a conspiracy theorist.

“I’m not wrong, you’re all shills. It’s an echo chamber”

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its funny you say that, because the mention of credit and creditors comes up in very few places and not once does the wording change from best interest to we cant… it accounts for circumstances beyond their control.

in case you forgot, T212 holds neither our funds, nor our shares. so creditors remain unable to claim any of our assets. conveniently overlooked in your video because it goes against the angle you are pushing.

any section of text can be taken grossly out of context when you ignore the rest of the legal documentation.

If you are concerned so much with what T212 and its userbase thinks, perhaps you should stop making videos targeting the platform and its users and stick to the rest of your content.


The new wording says “where we have determined that it is in your best interests”.

The new clause is much the same as the old one. The meaning is near identical. I see nothing new about the supposed safety of investments.

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@Sasha, if you mistrust T212, why do you use them?

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To get a notification when the terms and conditions update so he can create scarebait and get that sweet YouTube dollar.


Oh, YouTubers/Instagramers/“Influencers” that are pseudo-financial experts or pseudo-xxxx expert (replace “xxxx” with any area)…

That are a waste of time and a source of misleading/fake information. The best approach is to ignore them, they eventually disappear, only the ignorant will continue to watch that.


It’s convenient for Sasha to label the staff and community as toxic so viewers listen only to him and don’t seek any guidance with factual support in the appropriate place.


The sheer arrogance in thinking these two are linked is laughable.


there’s a difference between just raising awareness, and use scaremongering to garner a response and a YouTube presence.


Sorry to say, why you are loosing your precious time with YouTubers?

The pubs are still closed? Or there isn’t any football game on TV?

Even washing the dishes is better than listen to YouTubers. :smiley: