Response to a video about Trading 212

What do you think about this video about Trading 212’s accounts being 2 months overdue? Trading 212 Is In Trouble - YouTube


I have not watched the video yet, but I agree that this delay is something that concerns me. Nevertheless, the penalty applied is only 375£ (Prepare annual accounts for a private limited company: Penalties for late filing - GOV.UK), thus I suspect that is not very high at the priorities of the company.

The fine is not high but the speculation and risk of losing people’s confidence should make it a very high priority I would think.


This would still appear as overdue if you had applied for the three month Covid extension granted by HMRC.

Does Sasha say that in his video? I ain’t watching it - because the guy is a clickbait filled turd.


I thought the covid extension is no longer available?

Covid extension No, but you can ask for an extension with a valid reason. And they can reject it or approve it.

It would be nice if Trading 212 can clear this up by responding.


Could be - can’t remember when the scheme ended and if that coincides with when they applied.

As an aside - this isn’t the first time you’ve published links to Sashas videos, in fact, it was the very last thing you did before a short break, and as we all know Sasha is banned from here for lying.

Are you a sock puppet?


I didn’t know he was banned. I believe he provides some very good advice on investing. I also have basically my entire net worth with Trading 212 so it worries me when I see bad things said about Trading 212.


Whilst packing his description with referral links to other brokers? Don’t see the conflict of interest there?


He frequently says he has his ISA with Trading 212 and I signed up to Trading 212 using his referral link. I believe Trading 212 is still the best place for my ISA but I’m still worried about some of these things since they are true. It would be nice to have an explanation.


Where as you seem to jump in two footed into anyone who criticises T212. Are you their sock puppet?


I smell a rat - I was very good at smelling rats when I used to work for Freetrade.

But sure, doubt me.


I’m not sure what you mean.

You worked for Freetrade? Pretty sure you were just a volunteer and not on payroll?

Plus, isn’t it ironic they ended up banning you… so aren’t you a rat? Takes one to know one after all ayy


I’ll say one thing here, I am confident investing with 212. Pretty happy with the service and wishing to continue using it. I’ve watched the video and its seems like he’s making a mountain out of a molehill. however…

212’s responses to criticism and lack of communication to questions raised on the forums has been poor in my opinion. Threads go ignored, people ask for updates and get none and topics get unfairly flagged or closed.

Examples, OTC stocks restrictions (lack of comms then closing the thread), new signups delays (no explanations), delayed features or simple things that could be fixed or answered get ignored.

The overall service however has been good, just needs improving on certain aspects and this video is probably a non issue. Gets Sasha some clicks and views though.


I want direct debit auto invest :pray:

Was told it was coming at the start of this year then nothing and no more replies :upside_down_face:

Also why has this topic been put in “slow mode”?



Probably to stop us bickering. So let’s wait for the response.

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@Scott I agree. Love the service provided too. @David @Team212 I’m sure these guys can clear up the concerns posted by people.

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I appreciate it may be a sensitive subject for 212, but the right way to deal with this could be a simple response?

I also understand some forum users may say they have no obligation to do so etc etc. I also appreciate it’s a “free service”, which should be reframed as commission free as it is (I assume) profitable, which is obviously absolutely fine as nothing is free. However, moving the topic to slow mode will only compound some users frustrations so it does seem a little unnecessary.

I will caveat by saying I think the engagement has improved of late, the service has also improved since the new user base influx, but I feel like this is isn’t a step in the right direction in terms of engaging with the community.