% Return on Deposit

Had a bit of a search but didn’t find anything obvious so apologies if this has been requested before.

I wondered whether it might be possible (and whether others might find it desirable) to have an at-a-glance display of the number that comes from the following:

(Account Value - Total Deposits) ÷ Total Deposits × 100

So in other words total return on deposits including dividends, including profit or loss from sold positions, everything as a % of initial deposits.

Portfolio return is nice but gets distorted whenever you buy or sell something at either a profit or a loss. Also doesn’t factor in dividends. I personally would regard the proposed thing (overall return?) as a fairer reflection of my progress.

Obviously I’m capable of doing this maths myself and I’m not suggesting that this should be any sort of priority for 212. But since this is the place to post ideas and so on, I thought perhaps I might pop this here to see how others felt.


Yes it frustrates me, but I keep track of my total return in my spreadsheet so it doesn’t really effect me, but yes it is weird that’s there’s nowhere that says the net result of your current portfolio plus closed positions

I’d prefer this calculation for the graphs in app. I see massive spikes and dips when I deposit or withdraw that have nothing to do with the actual return on how it’s doing. Bonus points for getting the withdraws into the calc?