Rolls Royce rights issue Want to purchase but I have fully subscribed ISA

Hi, I am really stressed out as I own my shares on the plus 212 isa and I am fully subscribed so I don’t know how to put more money on to buy the rights, can’t seen to contact anybody to make sense of what to do, can I buy in the invest account, or can I gift my rights to my wife etc. Please can anybody help.

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hi Tal same issue as you, did you get a resolution to the issue?

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It will happen after the 12th nov

No +212 told me I could not do it in the investor account where is all other networks e.g. Hargreaves and Lansdowne said you could I’ve had to sell some of my other shares cheaper to be able to buy these rights which I’ve now done but as soon as I get my shares I’m done with +212 I’m moving on and moving my portfolio from them I’ve had enough The worst network out there I’d rather be with a different network I’ve lost so much money pics of them

just picking at the small things, but you seem to have merged plus500 with Trading212 :wink:

sorry to hear that you haven’t liked your time here so far but I can assure you that there are plenty of far worse platforms to be investing on right now and H&L is one of them. besides your problem with the rights issue what else has caused you to dislike T212 so much?

disclaimer: not a T212 staff member.