Rolls Royce Rights Issue


As an investor via Trading212, can we purchase additional shares under the rights issue that has been announced Rolls Royce?





Will the team conduct us when we’re able to exercise the rights? How do we do it?

I don’t work for T212 but you will be emailed. Standard Rights Issue process. Everyone will lose their mind but it is pretty easy. T212 will make it slightly confusing for you (see Hammerson rights, IAG rights etc…), you probably wont see the Rights credited to your account and you’ll likely have a binary choice - take em or don’t take em! You won’t be abl to trade the Rights (based on T212 history) and the process will be slow!!! But, follow an emaill from T212… but you don’t even know if it’s happening until the meeting late October, elections early Nov… rights rank parri passu from about mid November (that means ‘converts to Ords’ for anyone not versed in the stupid language of this type of Corporate Action)

I’m going to try NOT to be the go-to question fielder as I did for IAG and it was a nightmare!

Please DYOR and understand the price pressure this issue puts on RR. and the theoretical ex rights price… you can’t issue this volume of shares without the parent (RR.L) falling in value… it’ simply maths

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Thank you, I appreciate it.

Very much suggest that people holding RR do their research. They have all the information on their website

Just the same point as @Finki, not a go at anyone but make sure you read the information available. It’s your investment, there were a lot of questions for IAG which were already clearly laid out by IAG

Absolutely agree. I asked the question because this will be my first rights issue since signing up to Trading212 so I don’t know the process adopted by Trading212.

As always, I appreciate advice from the community.

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With the way t212 do right issue do you have to purchase the full amount of your rights or could you purchase a partial amount?

I have 255 shares, so am I right in thinking i would have the rights to buy (255/3)*10=850 shares?

Just curious if it’s all or nothing and if I’m right in how this works :joy:

Good question, can someone advise? I’m new to this too.

I too would like someone from T212 to provide clarity asap

According to RR you could sell your rights and buy shares with your gain. So you don’t need to buy all or non.


Some good info. there. Thanks. one thing i couldnt find was a date you need to have held shares from to qualify?..i.e. if. we or buy more? Or are only shares owned upto now valid?

Check the RR investors page, that’s where I found that info. I’m sure it will state it there, that was the next thing I was going to look up. Let me know if you find out.

just.had an email from Hargreaves lansdown suggesting its sharesholders upto 27th oct…Which.will make it an interesting ride as the vote is 6 days before…So selling and rebuying prob best option.if not already too late.Anyone post back if this 27th date is not correct…

I thought that but you never know what’s going to happen.

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But that didnt happen with the last t212 right issue did it?

I don’t know I’m just pulling info off RR as to what’s suppose to happen.

@George can you advise?

Hello all.

I also own Rolls stock, so we will definitely be able to use the rights issue on 212 is that correct?

I have 3k shares so I am looking to get 10,000 at 32p it this is possible, I know a few on HL have already received a message regarding the rights issue.
I’m rather new to 212, so hoping for a smooth operation?

Any help would be great.

Thank you.



Looks like a good investment to me.
Market Price 188p / share translates into 3,6 Billion Market Cap which is the revenue produced in 2020 by the Defence Segment alone (20% of company revenue) so we get the rest of 80% of the business for free :slight_smile:
I had 5000 shares RR, sold 3500 last week on Friday at 234p/ share and I kept 1500 shares (avg cost 112p so I dont have any stress with the current volatility) , but now i think it’s time to buy back those 3500 shares I sold. And I’m struggling to find reasons not to do it …
Any contrarians here who can give me a bearish argument ?

thank you

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