S&P 500 investing

Hey guys, new to investing here. I want to start investing some money into the SP500, however dont feel like I need to invest into all the 500 companies. Is there ETF’s out there that just let me invest into like the top 25/50/100 companies in the sp500? I have seen invesco’s top 50 (XLG) but its unavailble on T212. Is there anymore available for UK residents what you know of?

Thanks in advance!

I’m curious, why do you want to only invest in a subset if you can easily invest in the 500 companies and get greater diversification?

If you were concerned about concentrating too much on the top companies in the S&P500 you could actually do the opposite and invest in an equal weighted version:

You could do this using a pie

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Hi. Theres some companies in the sp500 what i dont feel comfortable in investing into thats why. They tend to fall out of the top 100 though so was interested in like the top 100 companies what make up the sp500.

Just a little tangent - do you know of any ways I can predict the future forecast of an ETF or stock? Curvo backtest have a feature on their website which is free but they dont have many stocks to choose from. Do you know of any resources which will generate an approx future forecast of a particular stock/ etf?

Thanks in advance!