S&P 500 top 100

Is there any ETF that covers a smaller portion of the S&P 500? :thinking:
Like QQQ for Nasdaq.


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An interesting question. The top 100 account for 70% of the S&P500. I have looked for such ETF but have not found one.

This could be made as several pies. However, it would be nice to be able to add by increasing each slice as a proportion of existing shares, rather than by value, which would more closely mimic the way ETFs work

I think IITU might be close to what you want. It has 71 tech holdings. Not sure if they are all s&p 500 though.

Edit. Must be since name of etf is " iShares S&P 500 Information Technology Sector UCITS ETF"

There are many ETFs that cover particular S&P 500 sectors. These typically have less than 100 stocks each. Two of these are available on Trading 212. IITU (technology), IUHC (heathcare). It would be nice if the others were also available, see this link

However, it would also be interesting to have an ETF of the largest 100 companies by market cap,

AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, FB, GOOGL, GOOG, JNJ, BRK.B, PG, V etc. Top 20 would make an interesting pie.

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This one seems to be it, s&p 100 etf…


Good spotting it. However, this is US domiciled and is not available to European investors.

yeah true, I don’t think it’s that popular and higher fees than a regular S&P 500 tracker doesn’t seem to make it worthwhile

OEF - 6.8 billion fund size (ishares S&P 100)
CSP1 - 38 billion
VUSA - 24 billion

weirdly I can’t find OEF even on justetf.com which I thought had a huge amount of ETFs and some even less in size. anyway, good to learn these things are out there.

edit: IITU is only 1.8 billion so maybe OEF more popular than I thought.

I also found this one, a quick comparison against SPY, show that it has a slightly better performance and also pay a higher dividend.

Exactly… way easier to create and manage in a Pie.

I would be very happy with a top 50 or 100 ETF if any is available on Europe.