Vanguard Information Technology VGT

Please add this ETF. Or VUG

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I think both are US ETFs, which cannot be sold in Europe due to EU regulations, unfortunately.’s a great resources for checking that kind of thing. I’m 99% sure there’ll be EU-listed equivalents though; if you search ‘information technology’ on the app, you may even find some.

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IShares IITU is on the platform and is nearly the same as VGT. I have been investing in it this year and have seen good returns.

Check EQQQ much better than IITU in my opinion as a lot more diversified

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Thanks for the recommendation. EQQQ is more diversified, true. I guess IITU has been lucky to have been more heavily weighted in MSFT and AAPL. More recently they are neck and neck.

Yea I remember when I looked at IITU and realised something like 50% was only a couple companies it kind of defeated the point in an ETF for me might as well just buy those companies. Especially with pies now you could make your own IITU very easily.