Scalping in ISA account

Hi. Does anyone know. Or does anyone scalp trade in their ISA account? Im new here and i don’t want to get my account blocked, but i believe the rules states that scalping isn’t allowed in CFD account. Can anyone guide me please?

Hi Aisha, welcome to the community :wave:

While scalping is not a tolerated trading strategy for leveraged accounts, you are free to hold the positions you have on Invest and ISA for as long as you wish. Day trading is allowed.


Thank you. Just as i thought. Thank you for confirming

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Just dont forget to account for the fx fee when you buy non GBP instruments otherwise you will be wondering why you loosing money

Hi, good point. I usually trade nasdaq stocks. Does anyone know that when we trade in t212 demo account, are the rate diffrence charges included in our profits?

Profits are clean, eg you buy something for100 you sell it for 101.15 your profit should say 1 and fx fee of .15