Is Scalping still allowed?

Hey, is scalping still allowed in an isa account?

While scalping isn’t a tolerated trading strategy for leveraged accounts, you are free to hold the positions you have as you wish in your ISA and Invest accounts. Day trading is allowed.


What are leveraged accounts?

Bogi is referring to the CFD accounts.

So its ok to buy/sell as much as we want in an ISA / Invest account?

But why not in CFD account?

Just wondering why its different thats all

Yes, we have no restrictions on the number of trades you can execute daily.

This is a risk management decision.

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Considering that the CFD accounts are high risk with over 60% people losing their money, I think CFD accounts could prompt people into chasing bottomless losses just like any gambling platform does and therefore limiting trades based on the paying abilities is in support of the well being of T212’s CFD customers.

Since moving away from COVID, UK is taking serious steps in enforcing player protection methods within the gambling industry; they are being made to introduce early detection methods to identify problem gamblers and change customer experiences for such candidates.

By the same token I think T212 supports (or seems to support) CFD customer protection.

I am right in saying that when buying in an ISA / Invest account we don’t get the actual market price but close to it?

You might find your answer / clarification in this post -

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The price and chart data we display are indicative and based on the Last Trade Price (LTP). Despite that, all orders you place through the app are executed in accordance with our best execution policy, as the system always aims to provide everyone with the most optimal execution and result. To obtain the best execution, orders are routed to the trading venue that best fulfils our obligations. You can find more in our Order Execution Policy.

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