Scalping on invest?

Okay so after searching all over the community. i still feel just a little bit worried… so scalping is fine on invest? Like buying at $20.19 and then 10 seconds later selling at $20.30 is that totally acceptable? And doing this over and over again is 100% NOT forbidden?

Only asking for replies from employees of trading212.

There’s a few threads asking the same if you search with David answering.

If you need to made a sell after buying and realising it was a bad move then do it.

Scalping is intentionally opening and closing hundreds/thousands of trades and it’s obvious a clear pattern.

I’ve been doing the practice demo (invest) and i made decent profit daily buying a stock and selling it between 1-5 minutes consistantly for 8 hours. I’m just wondering if i could do that for about 8 hours a day with real money and there would be no problems. I made most of it off a volatile stock that really does require fast acting trades which could be classed as scalping.

I think your relevant answer from Trading 212 staff can be found here:

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So doing it on invest still falls into the day trading category but on CFD then its classed as scalping. I would not be touching CFD anyway. I’m only investing in real stock. I hope that’s correct.

Yes, there is pretty much no limits on the Invest side.
The only thing they don’t want is people spamming their system with 1000 requests every minute.

Short answer - yes Invest is fine.