Scalping on ISA / Invest account

Could someone clarify. Is scalping allowed on ISA/Invest account? 10-15 transactions per day few times a month? And also keep some stock long term?
Don’t want my account to be blocked due to scalping.


Try search in the forum


Thanks for this. I’ve been trading fairly frequently on invest, but that’s mainly due to my shifting sentiment more than deliberate scalping.

So tell me if i understood correctly.
Scalping is prohibited on cfd platform but you can do it on invest and isa platforms.
That’s correct?

And day trade is fine on isa platform and invest account but i didn’t saw a moderator saying day trading is approved on cfd platform.

So what is considered day trading here?
So what are the penalties if i do scalping without knowing is a warning or what ?

Yeah what is defined as scalping? It be good if 212 can define to be clear

Scalping is when you hold an open position for less than 5 minutes and i don’t know why they let you on invest platform but not on cfd when you don’t really own a share and the purpose is to make a profit with the borrowed money.
But they do the rules…

Well I do that if I reach my target in ISA so hopefully it’s allowed

Because on CFD you play against T212, so if you win you take their money. On invest you take buyers money…