Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust stamp duty - ✅ Solved

‘You can’t have our cake and eat it’. Assuming everything else is equal the company that pays a high dividend takes that money out of the company so the value of the company falls.
If you look at a lot of Unit Trusts, they have two versions, one paying a dividend and one accumulating value in the company, you take your choice.

I love SMT, invested in them years ago. I’ve been out of the game for a long time but they were the first stock I bought when I started again in July. They’ve done me proud.

They should be flying on Monday with today’s Teska increase.

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The last two days in a row SMT shat the bed at exactly 2.30pm when US markets opened… So we’ll see. Something else is dragging them down.

This has been marked as solved :white_check_mark: by staff, but where’s the solution comment? Please can someone direct me to it as I’d like to know the answer to this query.

Stamp duty was correctly applied to SMT. The reason I didn’t pay stamp duty for Utilico was because they were based in Bermuda at the time and only just recently moved to London.

The whole US market was dropping in the pre-market yesterday. Considering the amount of US stocks in SMT it was hardly surprising they dropped at the US market open.

Maybe an indication that the US economy needs someone in charge, like Elon, with a vision. Rather than …

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