Sea LTD not available in ISA

Hi Trading212,

I have found that offers SEA LTD in an ISA as well as other adr shares.

Previously you have mentioned that it is not available because of HMRC.

But clearly IG have access to it.

Can you explain why they have it and you don’t because I am thinking of leaving for IG so I can buy this stock?



@Mrbondsbody I think this is a question best directed at them, I don’t believe this is a security that should be available in an ISA account.

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IG still allow SEA ADR in their ISA. It’s madness. How wrong and badly managed are IG’s ISA services? If you have an ISA with IG I’d be a bit scared. If and when anyone at IG realises they are in breach of HMRC guidance they could lose their ISA Manager status which prevents them from being able to provide the ISA accounts. That’s pretty bad.

The SEC filing from SEA makes it clear that only the ADRs are now listed and their is no public market in the Class A Ordinary shares on which the ADRs are based.

Without a traded and compliant “Parent” listing to support the SEA ADRs, they are simply not ISA eligible.

Whoops :roll_eyes: